Should I include MMP images in my own mod file?

Files from the MMP should not be included in any mod directly. The purpose of the Multimedia Pack is to provide one download with a common pool of resources mods can rely upon. This way, every modder has access to artwork without being an artist himself. Rather than bundling common images in mods, resulting in lots of wasted time and bandwidth downloading the same files over and over again, the MMP can simply be downloaded and installed once (barring updates). Any mods then installed will have instant access to its contents, without making the end user download the same files. To this end, you should not bundle anything from the MMP in your own mod (the license even technically forbids doing so). Instead, you should link people to the download location and ask them to install separately.

Exceptions can be made for including a copy of a mini-portraits file (eg: Components.bmp) if your mod also includes custom images not part of the MMP. Including the larger separate portrait files is unecessary, however. We would still suggest submitting such custom image files to the MMP for the benefit of all; MMP is a collaborative work that depends on such submissions.