14 March 2011
- Planets Pack 4 has been released. Update contains the magnetar portraits from FQM5.

26 February 2011
- Effects Pack 5 has been released. Update contains some tweaked FQM5 nebula storm textures.

29 March 2008
- The license has been slightly revised to allow exceptions for bundling copies of mini-portraits files in mods.

10 March 2008
- Component Pack 3 released. Update contains more small sized components from Balance Mod.
- Systems Pack 1 released. Contains system portraits for FQM5 system types.

09 March 2008
- PlanetSurface Pack 2 released. Update contains surface for a plasma planet, by MasterChiToes.

03 March 2008
- Component Pack 2 released. Update contains 3 small sized components from Balance Mod.

02 March 2008
- Stellar Pack split into separate Models and Planets packs. Version 3 of these packs released, containing the GPT planet textures and models by MasterChiToes. New Planet Surface and Stellar packs released, containing artwork from Syann. From here on out, the Stellar pack will contain only the Stellar pictures folder (sky box textures).

11 November 2007
- Effects Pack 4 released. This release adds a black hole jet animation effect.

29 August 2007
- Effects Pack 3 and Stellar Pack 2 released. All remaining planet textures and portraits have been moved from FQM5 to the Multimedia Pack. With the plethora of mods based on the Balance Mod coming out, this should make it easier to upgrade to FQM5 beta 12 and point users to the MMP.

24 August 2007
- Effects Pack 2 released. This release contains the textures from Suicide Junkie's Warp Point Generator.

10 August 2007
- Effects Pack 1 released.

20 April 2007
- Component Pack 1 and Stellar Pack 1 released.